Tuesday, May 30, 2006

German GIS links added - The 'Hoff would be pleased!

Guten Tag und Wiener Snitzelenblickensieheir.... I have added 5 German GIS links today. They are as follows:
  1. Bayern Region GIS
  2. Bonn Region GIS
  3. Mainz Stadt (City) GIS
  4. N├╝rnberg Stadt GIS
  5. Wesseling Stadt GIS

Long live the 'Hoff!

Oriskany Aircraft Carrier

Here are some HQ pics of the aircraft carrier Oriskany being scuttled to become a reef in the Gulf of Mexico. Check out the small boat on the deck of the Oriskany. I bet you could have sold some tickets to be in it.

Oh no, they're back - 3-d pics.

Remember those 3D pictures that everyone would stare at and see a cat or the space shuttle while you gave yourself a headache? Well, here are some more for you to pop you eyes at. Hint, the above one is a bunny! Follow the link below for more.

Earth From Above

More fun pictures from Attu.

Follow the link for more pictures.

Click here for Attu's Pict's

Monday, May 29, 2006

Geography of "LOST"

Well, another season of "Lost" has wrapped up and as usual left a bunch of questions up in the air. The show is shot in Hawaii and has garnered some attention as to where all the famous backgrounds are shot. About.com has the most defined answer to those questions, but I have also included a slew of other sites that might help those with questions on the filming. Also, for a limited time, ABC.com is showing "LOST" online as a trial internet TV site. Click the first link for more info on ABC's Online TV. ABC's ONLINE TV link here! About.com's guide to "LOST" locations. Link for IGN "LOST" locations. LINK for Sledgeweb's "LOST" map. "LOST" defined here. Click here for Dave & Thomas Pics of Evangeline Lily (Kate on LOST)

Friday, May 26, 2006

Mass Beer shortage on Epidemic proportions!

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are here and if you are not a hockey fan, then you are missing out on something special. The Edmonton Oilers are one win away from the Cup Finals heading to Anaheim tomorrow to square off against the Ducks. What's this mean to you? Well, it's wall to wall action, hard hitting, and monster scoring. In game 3, 8 goals were scored in the 3rd period alone. So, if you have ever wanted to get into hockey but made excuses like the rules are complicated or it's too slow, then here's the chance to experience some excitement. If the Oilers make it to the finals, watch one game when it is in Edmonton and tell me those fans aren't nuts. I should know, I been to one there. Which brings me to my point: There's a beer shortage in Edmonton. And yes, it's due to the fans going nuts. CNN has a great video on how they are dealing with this tragedy in Oiler country. Link: CNN Video of Beer Shortage in Edmonton, Alberta.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

NASA Alaskan Volcano

Here's another daily update from NASA's image of the day program. This time around, the volcano in Alaska the exploded recently near Anchorage is caught from above.


Be sure to follow the link below for more on this from NASA.

LINK: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Newsroom/NewImages/images.php3

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Weekend Update.

A big night in updates, as I have added 69 Links of various nature to the site. Most are GIS sites with the exception of 22 Arkansas Assessor links. Also, the US Census data and a couple of Mobile home park search sites that we use are added to the GIS Resources link as well as a new category for Washington, D.C., which is an assessor site. The following is a complete list of added sites from this weekend:
  • US Census
  • NACO (nat'l Association of Counties)
  • Mobile Home.net
  • Mobile Home park.store
  • Clarke County, Alabama, GIS
  • Coffee County, Alabama, GIS
  • Alaska Statewide Data (Maps, Plats, etc.)
  • Kodiak, Alaska, GIS
  • Phoenix, Arizona, GIS
  • Tempe, Arizona, GIS
  • ARKANSAS: » Ashley County Assessor» Carroll County Assessor» Clark County Assessor» Cleburne County Assessor» Conway County Assessor» Crawford County Assessor» Cross County Assessor» Garland County Assessor» Hempstead County Assessor» Hot Spring County Assessor» Independence County Assessor» Jackson County Assessor» Lafayette County Assessor» Lawrence County Assessor» Little River County Assessor» Madison County Assessor» Miller County Assessor» Montgomery County Assessor» Ouachita County Assessor» Perry County Assessor» Polk County Assessor» Randolph County Assessor» Sevier County Assessor» Sebastian County Assessor
  • Alameda County, CA Assessor
  • Antioch City, CA GIS
  • El Dorado County, CA, Assessor
  • Lake County, CA, GIS
  • Marin County, CA, GIS
  • Malibu city, CA, GIS
  • Merced County, CA
  • Nevada County, CA, GIS
  • Newport Beach CITY, CA, GIS
  • Redding city, CA, GIS
  • San Luis Obispo, County, CA, GIS
  • Santa Clara County, CA, GIS
  • Santa Clarita County, CA, GIS
  • Santa Cruz, CA, GIS
  • Solano County, CA, GIS
  • Sonoma County, CA, GIS
  • Stanislaus County, CA, GIS
  • Stockton city, CA, GIS
  • Sutter county, CA, GIS
  • Temucla City, CA, GIS
  • Ventura, CA, GIS
  • Broomfield County, CO, GIS
  • Costilla County, CO, Assessor
  • Denver, city, CO, Assessor
  • Fremont County, CO, Assessor
  • Grand County, CO, Assessor
  • Las Animas, County, CO, Assessor
  • Otero County, CO, Assessor
  • Saguache County, CO, Assessor

Arkansas Assessor Data Link Updates.

Arkansas Assessor links update include: » Ashley County Assessor » Carroll County Assessor » Clark County Assessor » Cleburne County Assessor » Conway County Assessor » Crawford County Assessor » Cross County Assessor » Garland County Assessor » Hempstead County Assessor » Hot Spring County Assessor » Independence County Assessor » Jackson County Assessor » Lafayette County Assessor » Lawrence County Assessor » Little River County Assessor » Madison County Assessor » Miller County Assessor » Montgomery County Assessor » Ouachita County Assessor » Perry County Assessor » Polk County Assessor » Randolph County Assessor » Sevier County Assessor » Sebastian County Assessor

Friday, May 19, 2006

New Link for GIS sites added.

If there's ever anything you needed to know about mapping, remote sensing, or GIS then you've most likely heard of the GIS Internet resource site. If not, then jump on over and check out 4 pages of links from everything to GIS.com to college institutions with mapping programs.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fast Food test...

Actually, this has nothing to do with GIS, but I found it interesting. Check out this "Fast Food Calorie" site where you try to guess how your fast food stacks in calories. Then again, you may not want to know.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

NASA image of the Day: Indonesis Volcano

NASA's image of the day brings us the Indonesian Volcano that's become active. There's a rather nice article attatched to the images that deserves some attention. Also, check out NASA's archieve of past Day's.

EarthQuake Maps

The USGS has a site to show the current earthquakes report from around the world. It should suprise you how many occur in a given day, with the most being around the Pacific Ring of Fire.
Link for USGS Earthquakes here! Go Straight to the maps with this link!

GISCafe and GISPilot

Thanks to GISCafe for adding GISPilot.com to their links.

Animaniacs - Wakko's America

More Animaniacs singing songs about Geography. This time around, Wakko sings the states in school.

Previous link: Yakko's World!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Flight Into Mariner Valley & Google Mars.

It's time to take a trip to Mars and visit the red, dusty terrain of our neighboring planet. First off, a CGI video from JPI and Arizona State University that takes a trip through the grand canyon of mars, the Mariner Valley. The computer simulation tours the land with a narrative description. (If the embedded video does not play in your browser, click the link below it to go to the main page.)
Next up is Google Mars, a mapping system like Google Maps with Infared and satellite images of the planet Mars. This program works just like Google Maps and offers the elevations of the images also.
Finally, there's a web site with space simulation downloads called Celestia. This free software lets you explore the solar system on your desktop.
Thanks to Jason Spalding, of emGISt, Inc for the links.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Florida GIS Data Blogspot Link Added.

I want to thank Jason Spalding at emGISt, Inc. (Enterprise Management & Geographical Information System Technologies) down in sunny Florida for his site, http://www.gis-data.blogspot.com/ and his link on that page. If you ever needed to know GIS info about Florida, than http://www.gis-data.blogspot.com/ is the place to stop. He has all the meta data and shapefile links you could want. You can find his link under 'GIS Company Links' in the main menu or on the sidebar under 'Links'. By the way, how many black dots can you count? Cruel, isn't it?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Celebrity Online Mapping,...sort of...

MSN has launched Celebfavorites.com to the delite of stalkers everywhere. They have taken the MSN VirtualEarth and added a celeb playlist, of sorts. Different celebs pick their favorite places, mostly in hometowns, and have little explanations. So, if you would like to know where Anna Kournikova hangs out to party in Miami, Florida, than this is the site for you.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Thanks for Making GIS Sites #1 with MSN Search!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this site #1 with MSN Search for people looking for 'GIS Links.' I can't thank you enough. Now, on to Google and Yahoo search! Also, I added some more GIS sites tonight. They are:
  • Huntsville, Alabama GIS
  • Scottsdale, Arizona GIS
  • Modesto County GIS, California
  • Verona Italy GIS
  • Baerum, Norway GIS (for our Scandinavian friends!)
  • Upson County Georgia GIS
  • Paris, France GIS
  • British Columbia Mining, Canada GIS
  • Reno, Nevada GIS
  • Kongsberg, Norway (with English Language Option)
  • Los Angeles, California Interior GIS
  • Foster City, California GIS

Once again, thanks for you web traffic!

Blogger Problems - New GIS Site - www.gispilot.com

Sorry, but Blogger's up and down again today. If the page has slow or doesn't load right, that's the reason. My new site, www.GISPILOT.COM , is up and running now. It's not final in design yet, but all the links are the same. It's more stable and faster that this site, so be sure to bookmark it when blogger goes down again.

Monday, May 08, 2006

New Missouri Assessor sites added.

I have added 5 assessor sites to Missouri. They are:
  • Jefferson County Assessor site
  • Greene County Assessor site
  • St Francois County Assessor site
  • St. Louis City Assessor site
  • Kansas City Assessor site

Saturday, May 06, 2006

New GIS Links Site - GISPilot.com

There's a new, quicker site for finding the GIS links you need. GISPilot.com is not a blog, so the loading time is faster. The site will categorize the states on text pages instead of drop down boxes, making it easier to use and find the site you need.

Chinese Turn To Digital Mapping.

From Yahoo India: "More and more people in China are turning to digital navigation maps, which not only prompts drivers when to turn left but also tells them where to fill up their gas tanks. These maps can be accessed from vehicles and mobile phones and are an indicator of the country's future mobile lifestyle. " Read more: Yahoo India Article on Digital Mapping.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Learn Geography with Yakko Warner.

What better way to learn the countries of the world than to have an odd dog-like cartoon sing it? Works for me. Enjoy the countries of the world by Yakko Warner!

Want more Animaniacs? Click here for more Animaniacs!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Put a Globe onto Your Cell Phone!

Wayfinder is a tool to put a digital world into your cell phone. Digital Geography.com has written a review of the product and lets you in on the good and bad of the program. For now, the program remains free, but it looks like upgrades may be needed for a fee in the near future. Integrating a GPS system looks to cost a little $.

Click here for Link to Digital Geography!


Factmonster has gathered a ton of information here and put them all in one, easy-to-use website. This site is great for research or just burning time. All the world is easily accessed here through maps and stats. Crossword puzzles and quizzes are thrown in for good measure to test your skills. CLICK HERE FOR FACTMONSTER-ATLAS!

Download the Universe to your computer.

Many consider this one of the best sites for cosmic downloads. There are downloads for the universe you can get for your computer to play with. The Hayden Planetarium is part of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Click here for Hayden Planetarium Link.

Mars Atlas

More stellar mapping online with an Atlas of Mars from roving-mouse.com. Not sure who they are, but they have compiled images of the Martian soil for your viewing. After you click on the link, hit anywhere on the image of Mars to the left and it will take you to the images. Crude, but effective.

Lunar Atlas

Burn some time up with this lunar atlas. Be sure to check out the map catalog and cool pictures of the moon's surface. The website is from the Lunar and Planetary Institute out of Houston, TX. Overall, they have put together a good site with easy navigation.


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fun with Google Maps-Baseball Geography of the A.L. East.

Google maps is a great way to see some familiar areas with a new perspective. I continue the tour of the A.L. with the East, home of the Yankees and Red Sox. I have already done the A.L. West and Central which can be found here: A.L. WEST LINK A.L. CENTRAL LINK
When the Orioles built Camden Yards in 1992, they not only set a trend in retro-ballparks (Cleveland, Arlington, SafeCo...), they also created one of the best ballparks ever. The grounds are beautiful and there's not a bad seat in the house. Just south is the Ravens Stadium and the Baltimore Harbor is directly east. When Cal Ripken, Jr. broke the consecutive games played record, Camden Yards became an instant shrine.
The Boston Red Sox. Only the Yankees can compare in having such a rich history. The Red Sox finally brought an end to the Curse of Babe Ruth, who went to the New York Yankees, by winning the World Series in 2004. The Boston Red Sox have fielded some of baseballs greatest players, ranging from Babe Ruth to Roger Clemens. You also can't leave out the Green Monster in left field. On the satellite image, you can see why they had to create the wall to match the road next to it. Fenway is now the oldest park still in use, after Detroit opened their new stadium a couple of years back.
Only the NHL's Montreal Canadians(23) can rival the New York Yankee's (26) in the number of World Championships. There's a little too much history to go over here, but let's just say, the Yankees are world known for winning over the last 100+ years. Ruth, Maris, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Jackson, Jeter... The list goes on. Anyway, check out the confines of the Yankees which is known as the House that Ruth built. The Stadium was the first ballpark to be called a 'stadium' and not field or grounds. However, when you type in Yankees stadium in Google Maps, it takes you to Madison Square Gardens. Odd.
In 1998, the expansion Tampa Bay Devil Rays hit the circuit and haven't done much since. While their Flordia pals, the Florida Marlins, have won 2 World Series titles already, the Rays have shown spurts of a good team, but just haven't gotten it together. They play at the Tropicana Field which is a dome. Go figure. The southern most team in the east, and keep in mind there are Boston and New York represented, play in sunny Florida under a dome. The dome is slanted toward the infield and has catwalks running along the inside of the dome, which result in balls bouncing off them. The stadium was started in 1986 to bring a team like the White Sox, or other team with financial woes, to Flordia. All the efforts failed until 1998, when the Rays became the 2nd team in Flordia, after the Marlins.
Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario was built in 1989 as the SkyDome and ushered in an era of retractable domed stadiums. The stadium has a domed roof that splits open to reveal the field to the elements. The Jumbotron is over 100 ft wide and was the largest of its kind for a decade. Rogers Centre sits below the giant CN Tower, which can be seen in the satellite photo to the right.