Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fun with Google Maps - Major League Baseball Stadiums.

Baseball is here and there's no better excuse to play with Google Maps then to check out the stadiums of the Major League teams. We'll begin with the AL West and look at satellite images of the ballparks.. Make sure to click on the underlined team name to view the satellite image of the ballpark.
The Angels have changed their name again this year, making it hard to figure out how many cities they're putting on their uniform. They stuck the 'Los Angeles' back in the name after being 'California' and 'Anaheim' over the last few years. If you pan to the northwest, you can look in on Disneyland. Angels Stadium is an old dual use field that used to house the Los Angeles Rams. After the Rams left for St. Louis, the stadium got a facelift to make it more Baseball friendly.
Not exactly the nicest stadium to look at, McAfee is a dual use stadium that still houses the Oakland Raiders during the fall. Just like Anaheim Stadium, McAfee opened back in 1966. During the years, the A's have seen some strong teams, including McGwire & Canseco. Google map of: SEATTLE MARINERS, SAFECO FIELD.
Opened in July 1999, Safeco Field is a retractable roof stadium just south of the new Seahawks Stadium. Make sure to zoom in and watch the WSU football game going on at Seahawks Stadium directly to the north of Safeco Field. TEXAS RANGERS, Ameriquest Field in Arlington
Opened April 1, 1994, Ameriquest Field has all the perky characteristics of Ebbets field mixed with the pillars of old Detroit Tigers Stadium. The Rangers were owned by George W. Bush before he was governor of Texas. Also, check out Ballparks.com for more info.

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