Friday, May 26, 2006

Mass Beer shortage on Epidemic proportions!

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are here and if you are not a hockey fan, then you are missing out on something special. The Edmonton Oilers are one win away from the Cup Finals heading to Anaheim tomorrow to square off against the Ducks. What's this mean to you? Well, it's wall to wall action, hard hitting, and monster scoring. In game 3, 8 goals were scored in the 3rd period alone. So, if you have ever wanted to get into hockey but made excuses like the rules are complicated or it's too slow, then here's the chance to experience some excitement. If the Oilers make it to the finals, watch one game when it is in Edmonton and tell me those fans aren't nuts. I should know, I been to one there. Which brings me to my point: There's a beer shortage in Edmonton. And yes, it's due to the fans going nuts. CNN has a great video on how they are dealing with this tragedy in Oiler country. Link: CNN Video of Beer Shortage in Edmonton, Alberta.

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