Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Oriskany Aircraft Carrier

Here are some HQ pics of the aircraft carrier Oriskany being scuttled to become a reef in the Gulf of Mexico. Check out the small boat on the deck of the Oriskany. I bet you could have sold some tickets to be in it.

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Airplanes for sale said...

"Right Hand Salute! — As the body of Lieutenant Commander Omar R. Ford, USN, one of 44 officers and men who lost their lives in USS Oriskany October 26 fire tragedy, is committed to the deep from Oriskany's flight deck during memorial services at sea in the Western Pacific, November 6, en route to San Diego, California.

Fire-scarred Oriskany departed Subic Bay, Philippine Islands, for San Diego November 3." (quoted from the original caption released with this image). Note Oriskany's insignia on the light-colored flag, at right, and three destroyers steaming alongside.

Nearest destroyer is USS Chevalier (DD-805). Next outboard is USS Gurke (DD-783).