Friday, July 07, 2006

Major League Baseball Blackout Map - Repost

Every now and then, a post gets asked for or gets a lot of traffic so I repost it. This one appeared June 20th, not too long ago, but is asked for a lot. It's the Major League Baseball blackout map for television broadcasts. New technology and television standards have made the "Blackout" rules outdated and with the popularity of Internet streamed games that advertise being able to watch games online, MLB needs to reconfigure its "blackout" standards. If you could get the Cubs or WGN online, then you could legitimately blackout the Cubs games online, which isn't the case. The blackout rules apply to television and how and which games your market is allowed to view. However, it doesn't always make sense.

Like any rule, Major League Baseball needs to address its relevancy in the modern world. While this blackout map may have worked pre-expansion and before the cable era, today it is obsolete and can be frustrating.


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Anonymous said...

another map that shows Buffalo NY getting screwed