Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Google Maps Street View Hits Knoxville, Pictures of Chevy Cobalt


Before the Thanksgiving weekend I was running around Knoxville, TN, doing some shopping when I ran into the familiar Google Chevy Cobalt. The Cobalt fleet was commissioned by Google to run around the country and map out parts of the U.S. for the popular Google Maps Street View.

The Google Maps Street View car looks like it was fixed up by one of our Shadetree mechanics here in the South. A wooden mount sits in the passenger seat that hold the monitor for the driver. The cameras are mounted on a metal rig on the roof held down by straps. The wires run through the window and into the back seat of the car, which is folded down, and then into the trunk where the data is stored.

google_street_view_car_008 The straps on top hold the camera rig down. You can make out the monitor in the passenger seat. google_street_view_car_007 The straps hold down the rigging with the GPS unit mounted on the rear of the structure. google_street_view_car_006 The cables from the roof run into the back seat which is folded down and into the trunk. google_street_view_car_004 The rear GPS system on the "high-tech" mounting rig. google_street_view_car_003 Another view of the cables running into the trunk. google_street_view_car_001 The Dell Monitor strapped to a cut fence post. Seriously, it's strapped to a 4x4 chunk of wood. google_street_view_car_005 The Google Maps Street View Chevy Cobalt from rear.


Anonymous said...

Great pics of the Google Street View vehicle. Was it parked at a Tavern?

Google Street View Gallery

dave said...

No. At the Palancos Mexican restaurant