Wednesday, October 10, 2007

GIS : Enhancing security on energy transport systems

Besides measures encouraging investments in energy transport infrastructures to develop competition and to assure security of supply, European and national institutions are seeking to frame the risks related to the use of those equipments, in particular risks linked to gas and hydrocarbons pipeline transport.

To this end, an exhaustive inventory and a precise positioning of pipeline equipment, associated to a description of their close environment, seem to be fatal factors for security.

Since summer 2006, a legal constraint generalizes Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Indeed, main gas, chemical products and liquid or liquefied hydrocarbons transporters, exploiting pipelines in France, are forced to implement GIS before 2009 in accordance with professional and recognized guidelines. Those GIS are a new generation of information systems combining cartographic representations and data information (transport infrastructures, sections of network, new buildings…). The equipments are thus known as “geo-referred”.

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