Tuesday, September 04, 2007

NFL Blackout Maps

One of the best things about the fall season is the start of the football season. With the regular season starting this week it raises the question which games will be broadcast in your home market. This NFL Blackout map can help you figure out.

While it seems NFL rules state they must play at least one boring and mismatched game a weekend there is actually some decision making behind it. The NFL TV distribution map chops up the U.S. market by games being broadcast. [ ...more

Also on tap is the Google Maps mashup with NFL stadiums by location. This map indicates the city for each team. You can zoom in and use the usual Google Maps features like satellite images and roads. It looks like the pins mark each stadium from the few I tried and not just the city. [ ...more] This NFL Team Map takes a similar approach but instead of the stadium links the team icons point toward that teams homepage. [ ...more] This NFL Team Schedule Map uses the same principle but instead of linking to another page it will show you the team schedule, record, and conference information. Not sure what's up with their map projection but it looks a little distorted. [ ...more]

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