Thursday, May 31, 2007

Human Layer On Google Maps

How's my hair?
Google Maps has a new layer called "Street View" that allows the view to go to the ground level and drive along the streets with a full view that you can tilt, zoom, and view 360-degrees. I call it the Human Layer because it takes you down to our level and captures our actions and daily life. They drive a van mounted with camera equipment through the city and capture the pictures. I even found a pic of the Google Van in San Francisco.

Google Van in S.F.

This doesn't mark the first time people were included in mapping. One of the more popular things on Google Earth is trying to catch people, vehicles, or odd happenings. However, the detail is nothing compared to reading license plates on Street View I even found Yahoo! ads in Google Maps which is cool because it means they are not censoring.

Yahoo Ad in Times Square

However, I'm wondering what legal rights they have for posting people, license plates, and personal information online. While I'm sure someone will raise a stink I don't know what can be done about it. The Street View maps were made by mounting camera equipment on top of a van and driving through the city.

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Walter GR said...

Great shots! I love the dude checking his hair. I've started a site to capture cool shots like this. You can search the pictures by category... Check it out if you'd like. I'm always looking for more submissions. ;)

Street Reviewer



Anonymous said...

Google map is fantastic invention! Congratulations to Google people! Respect!! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice shots ;)

Btw, that pic above is not in S.F., that's Oakland, about 2 blocks from where I work :D