Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How Your HYBIRD Car Can Get You In The Carpool Lane

A new rule by the EPA could shift the use of HOV lanes or other Carpool lanes to allow Hybrid Cars with only passenger.
The only rule would that the Hybrid car must be on their list of approved cars and get at least 25% more fuel efficiency than similar modes (approx 45 MPG in California, for example). Not all Hybrids meet this MPG criteria. Trucks, SUV's, and luxury sedans most likely will be excluded for not meeting these rules.

Most states require at least 2 passengers to use the Car-pool lane but the new rule would try to encourage more people to look at Hybrids. Hybrids also could qualify as energy-efficient by achieving 50 percent or better in-city fuel economy. Dedicated alternative fuel vehicles could qualify, too, to use the lanes. 37 states have the hybrid HOV provisions or are studying the concept. [ ...more ]

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