Friday, April 27, 2007

Knoxville Sunsphere on Google Earth

The 1982 World's Fair brought Knoxville one of its most known landmarks, the Sunsphere. Located off Clinch Ave in Knoxville, the Sunsphere and the remaining World's Fair Park have undergone renovations over the last few years.

1st model without textures

Most notable is the addition of the new Knoxville Convention Center, seen above to the right of the Sunsphere. Whether you remember the Sunsphere from the '82 World's Fair or the episode of the Simpson's where it was dubbed the "Wig-sphere," there's no doubting you know it when you see it. I always thought it looked a little like a big golf ball on a tee.
I have made a basic model for Google Earth of the Sunsphere. I have yet to add textures for the sphere. I'll get around to that later. I'm also working on the Convention Center and the little Amphitheater to the left. As I add the details and such I'll update both the Google layers and this site.

I have updated the Sunsphere with textures and changed the base from a square model to a hexagon model. Here's the new link for the Sunsphere Google Earth download.

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