Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tsangpo Gorge Deepest in The World

From the Google Earth Community (click link for more info):
Tsangpo Gorge is located in Tibet and is over 150 miles long. The Gorge sits 15,000 feet below the Gyala Perli mountain towering 23,901 feet high to the north and the Namcha Barwa at 25,446 feet high to the south.
The mountains are only 13 miles apart with the Yarlung Tsangpo River- 15,000 feet below .There had long been legends of large magnitude waterfalls leading into deep and dark Gorges. The Hidden falls Gorge was found in 1998 after years of searching .This is the deepest Gorge in the world and the most remote.
The map is large with locations for points of interest. When you get the feel of the map one should click it off to switch to the embedded satellite image. Zoom into and view the satellite image from the north for proper perspective. Be sure to use Terrain mode on and just see how deep the Gorge really is.

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