Friday, December 08, 2006

Former President Jimmy Carter : 'PLAGIARIZING MAPS' IN PALESTINE BOOK...

President Jimmy Carter faced new criticism Friday over his controversial book on Palestinian lands when a former Middle East diplomat accused him of improperly publishing maps that did not belong to him.
The new charge came as Carter attempted to counter charges from a former top aide that the book manipulates facts to distort history.
Ambassador Dennis Ross, a former Mideast envoy and FOX News foreign affairs analyst, claims maps commissioned and published by him were improperly republished in Carter's book.
"I think there should be a correction and an attribution," Ross said. "These were maps that never existed, I created them."
After Ross saw the maps in Carter's book, he told his publisher he wanted a correction. When asked if the former president ripped him off, Ross replied: “it sure looks that way.”

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