Monday, November 13, 2006

Who is Lawrence Wenngrodd

From Dave And Thomas

Well, it's official. "BORAT" is a hit and like sharks smelling blood in the water, groups of people are lining up to sue for part of the profits. Lawyers are drooling at the chance of finding a loophole in the contracts signed by people who appear in the movie so they can start to repair the damage done by their clients "unwise" actions. As the media hunts down the people who were part of the prank, one common story arises: They got paid.

Dave and Thomas can't help but noticed that they got paid and signed releases, even if it were under funny pretenses. Most didn't read through the legal paperwork after taking wads of cash then putting down their "John Hancock's." These people should run for Congress, not ask for our sympathy. Dave and Thomas really like how the villagers called Sasha Baron Cohen, who plays "Borat", an 'ugly, tall, moustachioed American man', even though the 35-year-old comedian is British.

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