Thursday, November 02, 2006

New Google Earth 4 (beta) Released Today

More Features Added to Free Version!

From Google Earth Blog:

"Google has just released a new Google Earth 4 beta with several new features. On Windows the new version number is 4.0.2416. The Mac version is 4.0.2413. I've got a few details on what's new here, I'll add more as I learn what else is there. The biggest news is that two features formerly only available in the GE Plus version (which costs $20/year) are now available in the free version. You can now draw paths and polygons with the new free GE 4. Other new features include: new icons for placemarks, faster loading 3D models, improved lighting for 3D models (much better), and printing of driving directions and folders.

The time feature implemented in the last version has been refined. You can now slow things down better, you can restrict the time slider to the current folder, and you can now choose "Bounce" for the animation instead of just "Wrap" or "Once".

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