Tuesday, November 07, 2006

MAPPING NEWS : Microsoft launches Google Earth killer

I wanted to follow up with yesterdays post on the Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D program which is designed to go right after Google's online mapping application, GOOGLE EARTH. The availability of actual pictures and not boxes allows Microsoft to take a quick leap ahead of GOOGLE EARTH. I've found a couple of article including a small review to help you understand the new product.
The CNet reviewer sums up the Virtual Earth 3D programs with these words:

"In a word: Wow. Microsoft is doing with its Earth program what I've wanted from Google for a while: Making one integrated mapping and globe-exploring service, not two products with different interfaces. With Virtual Earth, you get all of Microsoft's Live Local features (traffic data, email integration, bookmarks) with the additional capability to zoom around the 3D planet and see your locations from any angle. "

Microsoft launches Google Earth killer - CNET News

Microsoft mapping goes 3D By Elinor Mills

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