Friday, November 10, 2006

CURSE OF THE RED STAPLER!!! - Office Space as a Horror Film

The weekend's coming up and I just know you could use something to pick up the spirits (non-alcoholoic version, that is).

So, here you go:

Sometimes Thursday rolls around and you really have no idea what it will bring you. Could you have ever imagined watching Office Space cut to look like a slasher flick? God bless the wonders of modern-day technology and the internet. What the Maynard? has recut scenes from Office Space into a trailer that makes it look horrifically good as a fear-inducing movie starring Milton as the killer. Come on, he's creepy, he mumbles, is misunderstood and he carries a red Swingline stapler. What's not to fear? He's a horror film baddie just waiting to be unleashed on the unsuspecting masses.

In fact, I've watched this trailer several times now (that really says a lot about me and how I spend my time, but I don't want to take away from the quality of the people who worked on this edit, so do your best to now ignore this entire parenthetical) and it gets better each time. It makes me want to see this version of the movie. Although they could have just as easily made Michael Bolton the bad guy if they used the footage from when he goes to town on the printer. That's scary enough in the normal version of the movie, although not quite as scary as fat David Herman in Idiocracy. Yikes. Check out the trailer

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