Thursday, November 16, 2006


Welcome to the new format for GIS SITES the blog companion to my GIS & Mapping link site, GIS PILOT. As of today, there is a new format for this site which STILL INCLUDES all GIS LINKS from the old format. All the GIS LINKS are now on the sidebar to the right. Because the links are similar to GIS PILOT, my main site, and it is a hassle to update links on 2 sites, only GIS PILOT will have updated links from now on. This blog will always have GIS LINKS on it, just now it will be smaller and load faster.

All links for GIS SITES for the states and countries will point toward their respective GIS PILOT links. This allows for an easier management for the blog and GIS PILOT. Blogger has problems with the size of the HTML for this BLOG, resulting in just painfully slow load times and publishing with many errors. Both sites will remain active and doing their same jobs. I'm only condensing this blog for easier management.

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