Wednesday, October 04, 2006

NHL Season Starts Tonight.

Just a friendly reminder that the NHL starts up again tonight. You have 3 options to watch games. One, you need the former OLN channel, now called VS. or VERSUS. Second, in a local market, you should get Fox Sports (FSN) games or a similar broadcast. In Tennessee, we get the Predators on FSN, but it's never listed on our cable system guide. You have to know when they show here to catch the games. Or third, if you have Comcast Internet you can watch selected games on Hockey Live, which is free to Comcast Internet subscribers. Here's this week's schedule for the online broadcasts:
  • 10/04/06 Ottawa Senators Toronto Maple Leafs 7:30 PM 10/05/06 Washington Capitals New York Rangers 7 PM 10/05/06 New York Islanders Phoenix Coyotes 10 PM 10/06/06 New Jersey Devils Carolina Hurricanes 7 PM 10/06/06 Los Angeles Kings Anaheim Mighty Ducks 10 PM 10/07/06 New York Rangers Philadelphia Flyers 7 PM 10/07/06 New York Islanders San Jose Sharks 10:30 PM

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