Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Enhanced 911 mapping enforces correct local address displays

Here I found an article about Camden County, Missouri and the 911 addressing that is being updated in the region. I do a lot of flood mapping for Camden County and there's nothing like trying to find an address of "Route XX, Box XX." It's a lot easier for me and pizza deliveries guys if the roads actually have names and house have numbers. But, I'm a progressive person.

Want proof? Check out the Google Map on a part of Camden County. Make sure to have the map or hybrid overlay on to see the road names. Some are legit, most are "Lake Road" and "Y" road names.

On another note, Camden County is home to a ton of real estate in the form of condos and houses. That's pretty much what the area's known for. Miller County and Morgan County are part of this region, known collectively as Lake of the Ozarks, a man made lake created by dams (just like my region in East Tennessee). Miller and Morgan have added GIS sites in the last few months and Camden county is going to have on up by next year. The key to a good GIS site like this is usually tied to an area that needs it for real estate and tax assessor reasons. Just something to keep in mind for students looking for projects in the future.

By Lake Sun staff Published: Tuesday, October 24, 2006

CAMDENTON - Keeping up with development in Camden County can mean adding up to 15 new roads each month, according to the Enhanced 911 mapping and addressing staff of the sheriff's department.

That's hundreds of new addresses each year that have to be mapped, logged and coordinated with the U. S. Postal Service and entered into the data base for emergency services, according to Sheriff John Page.

The importance of getting the correct numbers and size of letters on homes and offices can't be overlooked, according to Page. In an emergency, locating the right address can be a lifesaving matter.

Deputies, firefighters and ambulance drivers depend on finding clearly visible numbers on buildings in order to know they are in the right location. As more multi-family and multi-level units, condominiums and strip malls move into the area, following the correct procedure for numbering a building becomes even more important, Page said. (...Continue Article)

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