Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Burj Dubai Live Construction Web Cam

I wanted to make a special post about these web cams for Dubai (at bottom of post). It seems the media has really caught onto the frenzy of building of the BURJ DUBAI, which is soon to be the world's tallest skyscraper. The Royal Prince of Dubai is keeping the final height of the Burj Dubai a secret for now, but make no mistake about it, the building is meant to be and will be the world's largest upon completion. An observation deck will be located on the 124th floor to give you an idea of its height. Also on hand for the region are man made islands, luxury waterfront living, and the world's largest shopping mall, complete with ice rink and ski resort.

The building has become a beacon of controversy with its construction. The use of foreign labor at very low wages in a relatively poor area with high unemployment is only furthered by the use of money from OIL revenues to build it. Dubai wants to take a stand in the MIDDLE EAST and create a new type of country based more on tourism than oil. In the long run, oil will run dry and Dubai believes its early jump into the tourism market will pay off. Here's a list of things that Dubai has created in the last few years that will illustrate the point:

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