Sunday, September 17, 2006

Online Television Gets its Chance

This fall's new television brings about a new form of television viewing. As more and more people are stuck behind a computer for most of the day, and more young people are turning to their computers rather than TV, the aspect of watching your favorite television programs and movies on your computer just got easier.

After some trials, streaming shows online and allowing a viewer to pick when they want to watch it has gained popularity. In a TiVo-world, the choice of when and what to watch is now important. ABC had the most visible test when they offered shows like "LOST" and "GREY'S ANATOMY" online for about 6 weeks in late spring. Their ESPN branch streamed the playoffs of the WORLD CUP from Germany online to much success in June. CBS increased their internet traffic to the NCAA Men's Basketball playoffs from: "about 25,000 with the 99 cent fee to "hundreds of thousands" when they were free. The larger audience allowed the network to earn about $4.5 million in extra advertising revenue,..."

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