Monday, September 11, 2006

New Full screen iPod on the shelf, but Movies are on their way to iTunes.

About 6 months ago it was leaked that a full screen iPod was in the works and set to release in the year. Apple has finally claimed due to various technical reasons, the battery life being the main one, that the full screen iPod will not be released for awhile. The full screen iPod is pretty snazzy, too. It features a touch pad that is built into the screen itself to allow for all the regular features of the regular iPod. The real push for the new iPod was to allow for full length feature films to be downloaded off iTunes and viewed in widescreen mode. Until the new, full-screen iPod does make it to the stores, we'll have to settle for movies on the regular iPod video. Tuesday marks the announcement of the addition of downloadable movies to the iTunes site.

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