Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Every now and then, a post gets asked for or gets a lot of traffic so I repost it. This one appeared June 20th, not too long ago, but is asked for a lot. It's the Major League Baseball blackout map for television broadcasts: If you have ever wondered why you can't watch you local team and you hear the term "blackout" then I have the map for you. "Blackouts" refer to NOT showing a local team in a local market to encourage people to go to the games. In theory, if you live in Atlanta and the Braves have not met the "Blackout" rules, usually 'x' amount of tickets sold before a game, then the Braves would be "blacked out" on you television broadcasts. New technology and television standards have made the "Blackout" rules outdated and with the advent of Internet streamed games that advertise being able to watch games online, MLB must reconfigure its "blackout" standards. For example, if you live in Iowa, you are being blacked out of 6 teams from 4 states. "Blackout" rules make a St. Louis fan anywhere in Oklahoma unable to watch games when they are "blacked out" even in western Oklahoma where you would be closer to 2 other teams in 2 states that aren't blacked out. www.gispilot.com

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