Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Pyongyang: unfinished Ryugyong Hotel on Google Earth

In light of North Korea spending the 4th of July weekend launching rockets into the sea, I have found this neat little image of the famous, unfinished Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea. It's such a monument to the success of Communism and a rather half-assed attempt to match the large hotel in Singapore, The Stamford, which is 73 stories tall. The Ryugyong is such an embarrassment to North Korea architecture that it was never finished. The materials are sub-par and no windows or lighting were ever installed. If it had been finished, it would of been the world's tallest hotel at 105 stories tall (1083 Ft). But, like many of my high school science projects, it wasn't thought through all the way. In a country with some of the most questionable human rights conditions it amazes me that they enforce communism and still have the ability to try to compete with the vanity of capitalism with a glitzy hotel. Almost $750,000,000 were spent, in the late 1980's, to make this monument. Click here for more pictures of the hotel: Picture #1- You can see how there are no windows and how hollow it is. Notice the crane on top. It is now a permanent fixture. Picture #2-Once again, the crane is highly visible. Picture #3- Great shot of the hotel and an even better description of the government/hotel as compared to George Orwell's "1984". Love this one. Picture #4-This site gives great breakdown of the building.

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