Saturday, July 01, 2006

Gray Fossil Site

The Gray Fossil site located in east Tennessee is finally getting its museum finished. The site, for those who are not familiar with the project, houses a rather unique collection of fossils of plants and animals with some being complete like the rhino pictured above.

The foundation of the Gray Fossil Site museum

There is such a wealth of data and specimens that are still being combed over by an army of scientists and students. Martin Kohl on his website for Gray describes the discovery as follows:

Wonderful fossil fish discovered on 11/03/05

So, in commemoration of my father being the head Geologist who first noticed the site, I have made a T-shirt in honor of the rewards I have milked from the publicity, which is to say, none. I am trying to petition the Museum to sell these shirts in their gift shop but all I get is some kinda of angry man who says he's a lawyer and tells me to stop calling. Grumpy old guy! East Tennessee State University (ETSU) has done a great job at preserving the site, so be sure to stop at their website for more information on the subject. And keep an eye out in the gift shop for my shirt!

TN State webpage for Gray Fossil Site

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