Friday, June 16, 2006

Satellite images of Dubai & The Palm (Island of sand)

Satellite image of The Palm

The Palm has updated their website to include new photos as their construction takes shape. The Palm can be summed up as a man made subdivision in the shape of a palm tree. The trick is that it's built in the Persian Gulf using sand.

Click for hi-res: you can see the dredgers at work building the island.

During the construction

Burj-al-arab Hotel

Click for hi-res - Burj-al-arab Hotel

Dubai's goal is to be the recreation site of the world. The World's largest skyscraper are being built here as well as the World's largest man-made islands, like the Palm. So far, popularity is so high that there are islands being built in the shape of the world as well as another, larger palm tree with leaves. (See Previous Post: Livin' in a Palm tree in Dubai!) The Burj-al-Arab hotel is considered the finest in the world, offering a private and spoiled stay in a hotel built in the Gulf. The hotel was built in 1999 and the design is modeled after a sail from a boat as it catches the wind. Rates start at about $1,000/night and it is considered the only 7-star hotel. Yes, it's so fancy they made more stars on the rating system to accommodate it. There are plans in Dubai for an underwater hotel, theme parks, and various other skyscrapers.


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Zhanna said...

What can I say about Palm Island?
It is a masterpiece of our generation. Engineer technologies or whatever is it have developed to such levels, so people are able to create artificial islands!! I still cannot realize it!!!
Now only Dubai property
have in its collection such islands, but before we could say Jack Robinson such projects will be build on different parts of the world.