Monday, June 05, 2006

Intermittent explosive disorder - New trendy problem.

This following article has nothing to do with GIS or Geography. It was just interesting and with all the people I see on the road today, I thought I'd pass it on. There's finally a diagnosis for having Road Rage. It's called "intermittent explosive disorder," or IED. Yes, it has an acronym. It was bound to happen and I'm sure soon we'll be seeing those really long, ambiguous commercials promoting some medicine for a cure. Of course side effects include blindness, headaches, constipation.... Here's how a 16 year old boy with IED acts: "In most situations, he is relatively affable, calm and very responsible," she said. But in stressful situations at home, he "explodes and tears apart his room, throws things at other people" to the point that his parents have called the police." I wonder how long before you can get insurance for being a jerk or a brat?

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