Tuesday, June 27, 2006

IKONOS Images of Ancient Observatories

Here's another post from GIS for Archaeology about the IKONOS website where they have a nice page to view Ancient Civilizations. It was nice to see they added one of my favorite sites, Chichen Itza, from Mexico, and also another site I want to see but haven't, Machu Picchu. You might know Machu Picchu from it's breathtaking pictures like the one above. Both are fabulous sites with a wealth of information to curious visitors. Here's more from GIS Arch article:
  • IKONOS Images of Ancient Observatories
  • From Space Imagery, a provider of space and aerial remotely sensed images, comes a fun Flash map application which maps 13 of the world’s Ancient Observatories. From Abu Simbel (wiki link) in Egypt to Uxmal (wiki link) in Mexico, the Ancient Observatories map application displays a zoomable/pannable high resolution images of a particular observatory accompanied by a text description of the sites history and significance. The images can be downloaded and are linked to their metadata source.The logic of this application brings full circle some pretty interesting ideas about ancient and modern technology. Do you think we can learn more about ancient observatories from studying them from the celestial point of view. Perhaps my fascination is simply coming from the “Who’s watching the deceive” feeling of this application. Either way, it’s very cool and well worth a look

GISArch Article

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