Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Today, I have added 34 new GIS pages for the states section. I have also beefed up the world section with almost 20 new GIS pages of various sorts. First, for the U.S.: Auburn city GIS, AL; Anchorage, Alaska GIS; Little Rock City, Arkansas GIS; West Sacramento, California GIS; Hayward, Culver City, Azusa, Downy, Carson, and Laguna Beach City GIS, California; Fort Collins, Colorado GIS; Groton, Conn. GIS; Marietta City, Georgia, GIS; Linn County, Iowa GIS; Overland Park City, Kansas GIS; Kentucky Links-various, but include Campbell, Kenton, Boone, and Pendleton; Concord city, Mass. GIS; Meridian Township, MI GIS; Las Vegas, NV GIS; New Jersey Meadowlands Flood Incident GIS; New Windsor, NY GIS; Gaston County, Forsyth County, and Bladen County NC GIS; Pennsylvania and Texas Digital Atlas (Both GIS applications); Sioux City, SD GIS; Plano city, Denton County, and College Station GIS, TX; and Ogden City, UT GIS. I had fun with the world GIS maps. I have included Maine Whale sightings and Lobster Tails, a sight to report and map Maine Lobsters around the world. Also, the Baltic, Mediterranean, Black, and Caspian Seas GIS sites. Austria sites includes Linz, Austrian Federations, and Austrian Environment. The UK has South Ayrshire GIS and Nottingham GIS. And there's also West and South Atlas of Australia, Sydney Australia GIS; Wroclaw, Poland; Israel; Iraq (which doesn't work all the time); Dubai (down, but will be up soon) and the Caribbean Sea. Enjoy.

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