Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Daily Timekiller - 10 Weird Things Found on Google Maps

LONNIE SPATH, of, has posted a fun article for all the Geography geeks, like myself, out there who jump onto Google Maps to find odd things. So, in the spirit of things, I have added a few links myself of some fun things I found on Google Maps. #1 - Skywalker Ranch. Ever wonder where Luke Skywalker was born. Well, it's in the mind of the guy who built this. You might know him as George Lucas, who also made ILM and PIXAR Animation, which he sold to Steve Jobs, of Apple Computers fame.,-122.649887&spn=0.015611,0.028925&t=k Article on Skywalker Ranch, for reference - #2 Apple Computers, home of the iPod. And Steve Jobs.,+sunnyvale,+ca&ll=37.332187,-122.029846&spn=0.008497,0.014462&t=k #3 Nike Headquarters. This is one of the most lush, landscaped sites I've been to. I visited and parked in Michael Jordan's parking spot. Although the parking spot is there for formality, it didn't stop me from wishing Mr. Jordan would pull up and ask me to get the heck out of his spot. Nike founder Phil Knight has bought an animation studio in Portland, Oregon, called Laika Studios. He wants to created digital and stop action animaton films to compete with Pixar and DreamWorks. See a trend here?,-122.823801&sspn=0.029971,0.05785&q=nike&ll=45.508693,-122.828307&spn=0.01497 #4- Nothing to do with movies or animation, but an attraction that begs the question- Why? Welcome to South Dakota's 'Corn Palace', the only building built from corn. Corn Palace Web Site:,+57301&ll=43.714546,-98.025668&spn=0.003862,0.010815&t=h #5 - Google Headquarters. Got to give them some credit for Google Maps and it looks like they have taken advantage of it by getting a little artistic with their own satellite image. Oh well, they own they system so I guess they can do what they want with it.,+Mountain+View,+CA+94043+(Googleplex)

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